Talgarth Road & Baron’s Court Road

Client – Mulallay & Co Ltd.

Location – London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.

Scope – Designed access scaffolding for various occupied residential properties.

Materials Used – Tube and fittings, Layher LW Allround System Scaffolding, Fire Retardant Debris Netting and Plastic Sheeting, 450mm Haki Beams and 750mm Apollo X Beams.

Duration – 40 weeks.

WSL were engaged to deliver full a mixed hybrid scheme of traditional tube & fitting, with a system scaffolding combination. The properties boundaries were “somewhat challenging” to say the least. On one side the busy A4 main road out of London.  The South side was hemmed in with the District Line and Hammersmith and Fulham line, of the London Underground network. The works were resourced with operatives working day shifts and other teams working through the night trackside.