Tube and Fitting Access Scaffolding

WSL provides access scaffolding services that allow workers to safely and efficiently access difficult-to-reach areas. Our team can install scaffolding structures that provide safe and stable access to a variety of work areas. Whether they are Basic scaffold structures, or Advanced designed structures, WSL will strive to give the customer the professional service they expect.

Layher LW Allround System Scaffolding

WSL is continually investing in what is considered by many as THE best system scaffold in the World. Layher Light Weight Allround system scaffolding provides quality installations. For all project requirements please contact our estimating team.


WSL provides hoists for vertical distribution of people and materials. Logistics on site need to be planned carefully, Whether a small beam hoist, or a 2000KG passenger goods hoist is required, please contact our estimating team.

Scaffolding Inspection

Scaffolding structures must be inspected regularly to ensure that they remain safe and functional. Scaffolding companies may offer inspection services, where they assess the condition of the scaffolding, identify any defects or damage, and recommend remedial work for continued conformity.

Temporary Roof’s

Many construction projects require temporary scaffolding roof structures to be built to protect the work force from inclement weather, This will increase site productivity and decrease the project programme.  Contact us early, it could be a give your bid the edge.

Scaffolding Design

For more complex construction projects, scaffolding companies will offer design and installation services. This involves collaborating with the construction team to create a customised scaffolding system that meets the project’s specific brief and complies with current safety regulations.

Early design engagement will ultimately facilitate a deliverable scheme.

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