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Our teams of scaffolders operate in London and the southeast of the UK. We have a large fleet of vehicles and our teams are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

All employees of Watford Scaffolding adhere to a strict code of conduct which states that the safety of our clients and our staff will not be compromised and client’s needs are met through effective and efficient project management.


Watford Scaffolding can undertake commercial projects of any size and type, for example office blocks, hospitals, churches and schools. We are particularly aware of the need for strict regard to health and safety in these areas.


We can undertake any job, large or small and will liaise with builders, tradesmen etc to allow for minimum disruption and maximum efficiency. As with our commercial projects, we always make safety and security our top priorities.


Be it a large or small project, Watford Scaffolding are here to provide professional, reliable and helpful advice to make sure the scaffolding you require meets your needs and deadlines. We are TG20:13 Compliant and comply to all safety standards set by the National Association of Scaffolding Contractors.


Watford Scaffolding work in conjunction with some of the most innovative and qualified designers in the industry. We offer a complete range of design services that start at pre-tender stage and continues through, until practical completion.

Dedicated Management Team

Watford Scaffolding provide a dedicated management team to work closely with agents, clients and designers to provide a constant line of support and troubleshooting throughout all projects, resulting in targets and deadlines being safely met. Our Managers also relay instructions to our CITB trained staff on the ground to ensure safe completion of your scaffold.

We undertake all types of scaffolding projects

  • Beam Work 
  • Bird Cages 
  • Cantilevers
  • Clearance Chutes
  • Commercial Scaffolding
  • Emergency Scaffolding 
  • Exterior Building Scaffolding
  • Flying Shores
  • General Access Scaffolding 
  • Hangers 
  • Hoist Towers
  • Independents
  • Internal Scaffolding
  • New Build Access Scaffold
  • Raking Shores





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